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Algeria records 132 new cases of corona and 4 deaths within 24 hours

Dr. Jamal Forar, spokesman for the National Committee for the Follow-up of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19), announced today, Sunday, that 132 new cases of coronavirus and 4 deaths have been recorded during the past (24) hours.

Vorar said - in his daily press conference - that the total number of injuries rose to 113,92 cases, while the total deaths rose to 2,983 deaths.

He added that the total cases recovered amounted to 78,158 cases, after the recovery of 122 cases during the past 24 hours, explaining that most of the deaths were among the elderly, and he indicated that 18 injured were in intensive care.

The highest death toll from Corona in Algeria was 1,133 cases in one day, and it was recorded on 24 November.

It is noteworthy that most of the injuries were concentrated in the state of Blida, which is 36 kilometers west of Algiers, and a complete quarantine was imposed on them since March 24 for a month, due to the spread of cases.

The Algerian authorities impose a curfew due to Corona from 10 pm to 5 am in 19 states, including Algiers.

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