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Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi: Karim Al-Iraqi asked for a penalty clause in his contract, and we rejected it

Adnan Halabia, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Club, revealed the latest developments in the crisis of renewing the contract for Karim Al-Iraqi, explaining that the player has a season and a half left with the Port Said team.

Halabiya said, in televised statements to the Tala fans program on On Time Sports 2: "The board of directors is faithful to the interest of the club and the fans are aware of this. We will not stick to any player who does not want to continue with a value like Al-Masry."

He added: "Karim al-Iraqi has material demands, but the club sets a ceiling for players’ salaries, and we will not give it up for a player, and the story of Karim al-Iraqi’s renewal had ended in an agreement that satisfies all parties, but we were surprised by the player asking to put a penalty, which is something we are unacceptable to. "

He continued: "Karim al-Iraqi is training in Port Said, but the decision whether or not to participate is up to the technical staff led by Ali Maher."

He concluded: "There is no player or member of the technical staff who has one pound with the administration, but there are debts to former players such as Abdullah Cisse, who has 40 thousand dollars previous dues, and with all the crises we live in and play outside our stadium, we do not have debts to current players or late dues." .