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Was 2020 a Happy New Year? .. Experts answer via Twitter

The Washington Post said in a report, that it should not be surprising that 2020 was not a happy year, adding: “We are all aware of the list of things that went wrong, including the“ global epidemic, ”as she reminded readers of her request to describe the year in one word, Among the most common adjectives were “tired,” “lost,” and “chaotic.”


But how was the year so unhappy?


And on Twitter, 2020 has been the most miserable of the past 12 years at least, according to Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth, who run the Computer Story Lab at the University of Vermont and use data from the site to measure collective emotion.


Since 2008, the duo has randomly taken 10 percent of everything tweeted daily, looking for hidden facts in plain sight. (Admitting, Danforth said, "Twitter is a non-standardized subsample of speech made by a non-standardized sub-sample of people on the Internet.")


And they found that Donald Trump and K-pop BTS are just as commonly mentioned as some regular words (think: "after", "will"). As Dodds said, “The word 'Trump' has been in the top 300 of the year this year.


They recommended their results via the Hedonometer, their primary tool that seeks to measure collective happiness in the world - or the lack thereof, and they chose several languages, then chose the 10,000 most used words in each and asked native speakers to rate it on a scale from 1 (most negative) to 9 (the most positive).

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