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Wales and Scotland are considering entering legal action against the Johnson plan after Brexit

The Scottish government is considering partnering with the Welsh government to take legal action against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's bill on Brexit, which specifies how to deal in trade after Brexit. The British newspaper "Express" said that the Welsh government The Labor Party, led by the Labor Party there, is preparing to take legal action in the form of a judicial review against the UK Internal Market Bill passed by the British government, and the Scottish National Party-led Scottish government said it would work with Wales in this framework.

The British Prime Minister Johnson's government had presented the UK's Internal Market Bill as a solution to create a safe platform for trade in the UK after Britain left the European Union, but concerns were raised that the new legislation passed last month would restrict the powers of the local parliament for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have refused to approve the bill, but reports are received that the government in Westminster will override their approval.

For his part, a spokesperson for the United Kingdom government described this step by Wells as "disappointing" ... stressing that this vital law will protect Welsh jobs, companies and livelihoods, as well as his multiple party support, including a number of Welsh MPs in Parliament.

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