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This is how artificial intelligence will help design the new spacesuit

Artificial intelligence helped scientists at the US Space Agency NASA solve many of the problems facing space science, with the support of a number of artificial intelligence giants such as Intel, Google and IBM, relying on the use of advanced computer algorithms.


And NASA recently unveiled a next-generation space suit, which will be worn by astronauts on their next mission on the moon in 2024. The agency plans to make the moon a new land for humans, and the new suit - which was designed with the help of artificial intelligence - will help provide A lot of time astronauts would spend cleaning up dust inside their suits.


The new spacesuit was designed in a way that allows it to twist and stretch easily that was not possible before, and astronauts can wear and take off the suit much more easily than before, and they can swap parts for a better fit, and stay for a long time without a repair.


The importance of the suit lies in the life support system that keeps the new uniform in control and oxygenated, maintains the right temperature, and helps communicate with the outside world. And in order to control all of these sensitive missions, NASA has brought artificial intelligence into the picture.

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