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The Israeli occupation arrests 19 Palestinians from Ramallah and Al-Bireh

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 19 Palestinians from the villages of Kafr Malik and Al Mughayir, in the northeast of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.

And the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported today, Thursday, that the Israeli occupation has arrested 14 Palestinians from the town of Mughayer, and 5 others from the town of Kafr Malik were arrested and raided their homes.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said that, last night, Israel arrested 41 Palestinians, most of them from the Ramallah governorate and the towns of Jerusalem, and indicated the high number of people infected with Coronavirus among the detainees.

The club said in a statement that the arrests "were mostly in the towns of Mughayer and Kafr Malik in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, and in the towns of Jerusalem, especially the town of Al-Tur."

He added, "Despite all the continuous appeals and demands for the release of prisoners, especially the sick and elderly, the occupation’s response was and still is the arrest of more Palestinian citizens, and its continued transformation of the epidemic into a tool of oppression and abuse."

The prisoner club said that the number of Coronavirus infections among prisoners in Rimon Prison in southern Israel has increased to 31, and that the number is expected to rise.

The club stated that the number of Palestinian detainees in this prison is about 600 detainees.

There was no statement from the Israeli authorities about the reason for the arrests or new infections with the Coronavirus.

The Minister of Civil Affairs in the Palestinian government, Hussein Al-Sheikh, said, "Despite the increase in the number of Palestinian prisoners of Coronavirus and the threat to their lives, Israel still refuses to vaccinate them."

He added in a tweet on Twitter that "this is a racist measure that requires the intervention of international and humanitarian institutions to pressure Israel and force it to respect international treaties and covenants."

During the past few days, Israel began a vaccination campaign for its citizens to prevent the Corona virus, while the Palestinians are still waiting for the first batch of the vaccine within the next two months.

Palestinian statistics indicate that Israel is holding about 4,400 Palestinians in its prisons, including women, children and the elderly.

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