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The Fish Division warns of "ticks" ... and confirms: It is very dangerous

The Fish Division in the Chamber of Commerce warned against consuming the "rodent" fish, which is a highly toxic fish, and may be traded in some markets, especially Suez and the Red Sea.

This came in the words of Ahmed Jaafar, head of the division, who confirmed to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the rodent fish can kill anyone who eats it.

It is noteworthy that the rodentfish is known to cause very serious digestive poisonings with the toxin "tidrodotaxine". It is considered one of the fish prohibited and forbidden to be caught, sold or traded in the market due to its toxicity and danger to the health of citizens and public health. It lives on the sea floor and feeds on fish excrement.

It is noteworthy that this fish is spread in the Gulf of Suez, and may go out in the nets, hooks and boats of fishermen in the Red Sea, and it is prohibited for everyone to trade it in Egypt.

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