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A banking official said, in the "Gaidar" forum currently held, that the total bonds issued on the principle of "green" financing in Russia amounted to about 111 billion rubles (about 1.5 billion dollars).

"There are not many green bonds in our market today," said Denis Shulakov, First Vice President of "Gazprom Bank". "7 issues were launched at about 111 billion rubles, of which 100 billion rubles were issued by the Russian Railways Company."

He pointed out that a Russian company active in the field of mining is preparing to issue green Russian bonds.

Green finance is based on the principle of providing funds for a project that aims to improve the environment, mitigate the effects of climate change, and make more efficient use of natural resources.

The GIDAR forum will be held this year on January 14 and 15, and it comes at a time when the world and Russia are under pressure due to the Corona virus crisis. The forum is a pivotal political and economic event in the life of Russia, where experts and officials exchange various opinions and experiences through this platform.

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