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Kuwait is taking new steps in preparation for replacing Kuwaitis in jobs ... Get to know them

Within the framework of the Kuwaiti policy (replacing Kuwaitis in jobs), the Kuwaiti Minister of Justice, Dr. Nawaf Al-Yaseen, issued a decision obliging all sectors and departments in the ministry to provide the financial and administrative affairs sector with the names and data of expatriate employees covered by the application of the replacement policy, before the end of next Thursday, in implementation of the decision of the Service Council Civilian regarding the rules and procedures for government job training.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, the decision obligated the financial and administrative affairs sector to carry out its work in terms of counting the names received from the various sectors and departments in light of the laws issued in this regard, and to provide the Civil Service Bureau with a copy of the decisions issued in the matter of expatriate employees later.

On the other hand, Kuwaiti Minister of Justice Dr. Nawaf Al-Yaseen announced that the ministry, through its technical and legal committees, has completed the electronic link with the Public Authority for Civil Information, in preparation for the official launch of the electronic announcement project in the courts in early February.

Al-Yaseen said that the ministry has set the controls for electronic advertising, pointing out that its activation will greatly contribute to the speed of litigation procedures, and that the advertisement will be done by modern means without the intervention of the human element, and it would support the idea of ​​e-government, reduce human errors and combat job corruption. As well as maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of data and information circulating through the litigation system.

Al-Yaseen stressed that the electronic announcement, which will be launched next February, will achieve a qualitative leap in litigation procedures, shorten time and procedures, and contribute to the process of physical distancing between litigants and ministry employees, pointing out that the project will facilitate the procedures process and limit corruption cases.

He explained that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice, through this project, presented a pioneering model for the state’s utilities and institutions in full, indicating that the project strengthens the ministry’s ability to achieve a shift in the concept of litigation in the country, revealing that there are 5 upcoming projects for the Ministry of Justice in the matter of technological development of the litigation system.

He added that in the event that this project is activated, there will be no delay or prolongation of the litigation period, and the project will eliminate sluggish justice and reinforce completed justice, adding, "The project will not be limited to litigation, but will extend to other issues related to litigation procedures completely."

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