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Irish HPRA receives dozens of reports of mild side effects to Pfizer and Moderna

Laurent Nolan, President of HPRA, confirmed that she had received dozens of reports of side effects of the "Pfizer / Biontech" and "Moderna" vaccines since their vaccination began in the country. According to The Irish Times.

Nolan explained that the authority monitored 81 cases in which it discovered mild, natural side effects for all types of vaccines, which have been recorded in the country since the start of the campaign to vaccinate the population against the emerging corona virus.

Nolan indicated that among the most prominent of these effects are dizziness, joint pain, fatigue, itching and a rash at the injection site, stressing that in all recorded cases, the aforementioned symptoms subsided after a short period, without requiring medical intervention.

Lauren said the "relatively mild" effects have passed quickly and generally do not require medical treatment, and as of Thursday, the agency will post regular updates on suspected adverse reaction reports on its website.

The newspaper revealed that another eight deaths of Corona virus patients were reported by the National Public Health Emergency Team in Ireland (Nphet) yesterday, and all of them occurred in January, bringing the total number of deaths from the epidemic to 2,616.

Dr. Vida Hamilton, National Clinical Trials Officer at Hospitals, described the situation in hospitals as "extremely stressful but working", with 312 Corona patients in the intensive care unit. So far this month, there have been 338 deaths from coronavirus patients, compared to 171 in December and 163 in November.

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