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Instagram stars football ... Ozil reveals his period of grief and suffering at Arsenal

The relationship of soccer stars with their fans has evolved greatly in recent years, due to the development of social media, which opened a way for continuous communication between the stars and their fans, as players publish photos and videos of all the details of their lives throughout the day, whether in training, matches or even inside the house accompanied by their families Followers of their fans or even critics comment on these publications directly so that the star can see all the criticism and comments directed at him, which made the fans of the round witch know the details of the life of the heroes of the game moment by moment, and also made the stars know their weaknesses and strengths.

Given the great interest of football fans to follow the events of the life of their favorite stars and know what is going on in them, we provide you in a daily report the most prominent things that came on the Instagram pages of football stars in the last hours.

The German star Mesut Ozil, the Turkish midfielder, revealed his period of grief and suffering in Arsenal, by publishing a drawing with his picture in the Aljnars jersey showing his very sad face, shaking his image with the Turkish team shirt and the features of his face that appear happy.

Gabonese Pierre Aymeric Aubameyang, Arsenal's English striker, sent a message to his former teammate, Mesut Ozil, in which he said, "I want to say thank you, brother, and I wish you all the best. You do not need to talk about how great you are on and off the field and how you take care of people, see you soon."

Spanish star Diego Costa, Atletico Madrid striker, posted a picture of him while he was enjoying a day off, before Eibar's match, scheduled for Thursday, in the 19th round of the Spanish League.

Paul Pogba posted a picture of Manchester United's match against Liverpool, which ended in a goalless draw in the last round of the Premier League, commenting on it with the phrase "I am always hungry to score more goals and victories", to announce his readiness to face Fulham tonight.

Brazilian Willian, the Arsenal player, celebrated his record in the English Premier League, for being the most Brazilian player in the Premier League, by posting a picture in which he wore a shirt bearing the number 248, which is the number of matches he played in the tournament, commenting on it with the phrase "I am very proud of being the Brazilian player with Most matches in Premier League history. "

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