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Corona redraws the business rules for technology companies 2021 ... a magazine reveals the details

The impact of the Corona epidemic on various fields and businesses, and technology companies that witnessed a turbulent year were not far from problems, as with the increase in the size and influence of large companies, doubts about the industry and its position in the world grew, as never before, and the American Politco magazine monitored 4 trends that should be paid attention to. In 2021.

First: The impact of Corona on the world of technology, as companies imposed more control over the digital industry, with the growth of their financial strength and influence in the real world only amid high unemployment numbers and many traditional stores that are struggling to cover their expenses as a result of the nationwide closure.

Second: The misinformation that governments and technology platforms have struggled with throughout the year, as the matter is no longer limited to elections, especially when countries start rolling out coronavirus vaccines.

Third: What will Biden do? It is the question inside and outside the United States, especially officials in Brussels keen to create a transatlantic agreement on everything from global cybersecurity rules to how online content is monitored.

Fourth, competition between major technology companies, as companies have so far committed together to provide a (digital) wall against those who want to remove giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, but this understanding has now ended, with the spread of tensions, retaliatory lawsuits, and wars that will continue until 2021.

Apple is fighting Facebook over the social media company's use of people's data. In return, Facebook is actively pushing competition authorities to go after Apple.

Likewise, Google hides behind Facebook's poor track record in processing misinformation about Google's problems curbing fake content on YouTube.

These friendly fires will reshape alliances in 2021, as companies change their allegiances depending on the policy arena, and will provoke well-funded lobbying processes against each other as companies compete for influence and likely force policymakers to reassess their one-size-fits-all approach to tech companies. Major.

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