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Britain announces the launch of Corona vaccines inside the supermarket to vaccinate the public

A report published on the Daily Star website revealed that the first supermarket in Britain has been approved to sell Corona virus vaccines to the public according to the established pricing, as the British health authorities announced the launch of approved vaccines in a supermarket called Asda, by allocating a new vaccination center consisting of a medical staff that oversees the sale and purchase process. For different vaccines.

The British health authorities confirmed that this store will provide protective vaccines against the Corona virus to the public, in a new 12-hour vaccination center, which comes after the Health Services Authority approved it to launch Pfizer vaccines and the Oxford vaccine.

Roger Burnley, Director of Asda Store, confirmed that providing this important service helps citizens prevent infection with the virus in light of the escalating trend of infections, and the government's directions to accelerate the launch of the vaccination program.

The manager of the Corona Vaccines Store confirmed that the store has a wide logistical network at the state level that can support the storage and distribution of the vaccine, as well as providing large vaccination programs, as the store had a precedent in distributing 200,000 flu vaccines to members of the public.

It is planned that the clothing section inside the Corona Vaccine Shop will be transformed, and designated as a center for new vaccination, and to receive citizens wishing to obtain the vaccine, provided that approved vaccines are available for 12 hours from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week, until 250 are vaccinated Dose per day, as the store announced that vaccine delivery was unavailable.

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