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A new patent from Apple for a newly designed keyboard ... Know the details

Apple registered a new patent for a new designed keyboard for its MacBook devices, and according to the patent, the new keyboard features a customizable design, with a miniature screen to define the tasks of all the keys.

According to the Indian gsmarena website, Apple has applied to register its patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as the company has developed a new design for keyboards, which features a dynamic design in stickers, which supports change according to the user's tasks.

The keyboard provided in the patent is distinguished by its design similar to the design of the "Touch Bar" in the "MacBook Pro" devices, except that the Apple keyboard in the patent fully supports changing the layout and functions of the keys, or changing the language, and also reveals the procedures for the keys When using editing software.

The keyboard is expected to include an OLED screen, or another type of display that matches the design of the keyboard, and it is also expected that the keys are designed from ceramic, glass, sapphire or metal.

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