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Rescue of a child who swallowed 46 magnets in a Dubai hospital .. Pictures

A team of doctors in a Dubai hospital rescued an Asian child who swallowed 46 magnets in two batches, and the child, who was not older than three, showed symptoms of flatulence, severe pain, and vomiting, in conjunction with the mother's attention to the disappearance of dozens of magnets from a set of toys she had acquired With her husband, so that he could entertain her at leisure, so he immediately took him to the hospital.

Pediatrician Dr. Dima Tarsha explained that swallowing these pieces leads to complex problems, as they are characterized by a great force of attraction to each other, do not detach easily, and stick to the wall of the stomach and intestines, causing wear and holes in them, and it is impossible to throw them with stool, which makes surgery the only option to remove them.

She touched on the other effects of perforations in the intestine, which reach the point of inflammatory shock if the matter is not detected early.

And Dr. It called for urgent surgery to remove the magnets and treat the holes.

He added that the operation was successful, and included extracting the pieces completely, suturing the holes, and that the patient's condition is stable. He called on parents to tighten control over their children's games, and not to put small, dangerous materials that can be easily swallowed within their reach, stressing that swallowing "magnet beads" has become a common and dangerous condition that reaches hospitals, and it represents a great danger to the health and lives of children.

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