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British hospitals enter the worst week of the pandemic as Corona infections soar

British hospitals are now struggling to deal with their worst week of the Coronavirus crisis, after the rates of entry of the Coronavirus are higher than they were at the height of the first wave of the epidemic. According to the report of the newspaper "Mirror", a daily record high of 41,385 cases was recorded. Yesterday, Monday, some patients were treated in ambulances due to the lack of hospital beds.

NHS chief Sir Simon Stevens said: “Nightingale hospitals could be used soon as the number of Covid-19 admissions rose higher than during the first peak.

NHS providers said some hospitals were seeing three times the number of admissions as they were during the first wave, amid reports that the wards were too full to accommodate patients arriving in ambulances.

And some health leaders have warned that the NHS does not have enough staff to manage it, as the head of NHS England, Sir Simon, said in his New Year's message: “The year 2020 may have been the hardest year most of us remember, and this is certainly true across the health services where we were. We are grappling with the worst pandemic in a century, many of us have lost our family, friends and colleagues and at a time of year we usually celebrate, and many people feel anxious, frustrated and tired for understandable reasons.

`` And now we have returned again to the high incidence of infection with the second wave of the Corona virus that sweeps Europe and Britain specifically, and there were 21,286 patients with Coronavirus in British hospitals on December 22, which is slightly less than the peak of 21,683 recorded on April 12.

NHS England confirmed that its hospitals had registered 2,363 additional coronavirus patients, by Monday indicating that the UK had now risen above its previous peak.

 The United Kingdom announced a daily record of 41,385 new confirmed cases on Monday, and cases usually see an increase on Mondays and subsequent bank holidays due to late reporting.

However, the number sent a shock as it rose from 30,501 the previous day, and the most recent seven-day average was 256,220, up 26% from the previous week.

Rapidly increasing infections indicate hospital admissions will continue to rise for at least two weeks, and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine said annual leave will be canceled for many, as hospitals strive to keep enough doctors on the wards.

The situation appears to be worse in the capital, as a hospital announced a major accident on Sunday due to fears of a lack of oxygen caused by the request of Coronavirus patients in its wards.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, southeast London, was forced to deport some emergency patients amid concerns about the flow of oxygen to patients.

Sky News reported that patients are being treated in ambulances at Queen's Hospital in Rumford, while the BBC reported that this occurs in other hospitals in Greater London.

Welsh government data shows the depletion of intensive care beds on December 20, while the University of Wales Hospital made an urgent appeal for specialist help with coronavirus patients on Saturday night.

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