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An Italian study: The low rate of corona infections among anti-tumor recipients

A research study published in the Journal of JAMA Oncology stated that the rate of infection with the Corona virus among patients who receive anti-tumor treatment represents 0.68% of cases, and researchers from Italy, according to "HealthDay", conducted research to calculate the rate of infection with Corona virus among patients receiving anti-tumor treatment In 118 medical oncology units of Collegio Italiano dei Primari Oncologi Medici Ospedalieri in Italy, data for 59,989 patients receiving anti-tumor treatment between January 15 and May 4, 2020 are included.

The researchers found that 406 of the patients (0.68%) were infected with the Coronavirus, and the nasopharyngeal polymerase chain reaction test result was positive, and most of the infected patients (83%) had symptoms and 77% required hospitalization.

According to the researchers, the most common tumor was lung cancer (22%) and chemotherapy was the most representative chemotherapy (62%), compared to the general Italian population during the same time period, and the incidence rate was higher and varied between different geographic regions.

"From a clinical point of view, the low probability of corona infection among these patients (less than 1%) supports the continuation of most tumor treatments in the auxiliary and metastatic environment," the authors wrote. Corona Virus.

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