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The US military is developing a noiseless helicopter for use in surveillance

The US military is developing helicopters with a quieter design to make them easier to operate for surveillance and transport goods without the noise of conventional helicopters, as the military has focused on eVTOL technology as a potential solution to the noise problem, to resemble future helicopters to drones.

Helicopters are vertical take off and landing vehicles (VTOLs), which means that they rise directly into the air and descend again in the same way, and this design is also used by consumers and many commercial drones.

According to gsxchange website, while helicopters have a very large rotor that produces loud noise, drones have several small rotors that reduce the noise level, and the US military is looking for this kind of design for future helicopters, which have a VTOL electric platform. With multiple vanes smaller.

According to the US military press release, this will produce a different sound than what we are used to hearing from helicopters, as a study was conducted to confirm that eVTOL will produce different noises, noting that the stacked rotors may reduce noise and increase performance compared to conventional rotors with blades along the plane. One.

Army Research Engineer Dr. George Jacobles said: “I believe that the stack rotor could be useful for eVTOL applications and the added degree of freedom of the design will allow for gains in the efficiency and control of the acoustic signature, which is presented in the results, however, further investigation is needed to determine Reducing noise with axial spacing.

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