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Sudanese Ministry of Health: The second wave of the Coronavirus is more deadly

The Director of the General Administration of Health Emergencies and Epidemiology Control at the Sudanese Ministry of Health, Dr. Tahani Amin, confirmed that the infection rates of the new Corona virus indicate that the epidemic in this wave has become more deadly.
Speaking at a press conference at the Sudan News Agency, "SUNA", Amin said that the true numbers of infections seem to be much more than those that are monitored and announced, expressing concern about the increasing spread of the virus among various groups of Sudanese society.

She added that Sudan has been affected by the repercussions of the second wave since late October, as the country began to record daily cases with an increasing frequency, pointing out that Khartoum is the state most affected by the spread of the virus.

She indicated the implementation of the response plan for the second wave of the Coronavirus, as 51 treatment centers were opened in 18 states, noting that some of them are operating at their maximum capacity.
She explained that the provision of laboratory diagnostic services has been expanded, bringing the number of laboratories approved to conduct the analysis to 13 laboratories after the introduction of private laboratories in the diagnostic system.

She confirmed that the Ministry of Health has a stockpile of medical supplies to confront the pandemic, provided by the transitional government and partners, pointing out that arrangements are continuing with United Nations organizations, partners, friendly and brotherly countries, businessmen, institutions, bodies and people of Sudan abroad.

She stressed the need for all sectors of the state and segments of society to adhere to their responsibilities in facing the pandemic, to implement health controls and requirements and follow up on their implementation at all levels, while continuing to disrupt studies in universities and schools, and to ensure the continuity of service in the country's strategic facilities.
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