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Pictures .. Americans launch rallies in support of President Trump from Florida

Supporters of the incumbent US President Donald Trump launched rallies in support of him after losing the presidential election, which was declared the victory of rival Democrat Joe Biden, which began in Florida, according to pictures published by Reuters news agency on Monday.

Trump, in his first television interview since the presidential elections, criticized the Ministry of Justice and the FBI, over his battle to change the results, and spoke of "difficulties" to bring the case to the Supreme Court.

Speaking to his interviewer, Maria Bartiromo, on Fox News, Trump complained that the Justice Department and the FBI were not helping him. He said they were "missing".


The American president questioned the usefulness of the Supreme Court if it did not intervene, saying: "It is difficult to reach the Supreme Court. The court must listen to us, and something should be able to reach there, otherwise it is the Supreme Court."

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