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Experts recommend avoiding ponytails to prevent hair loss

After the spread of the Corona epidemic and spending a lot of time at home, many women resorted to looking for ways to enhance the health of hair and skin and pay attention to their beauty and elegance, and therefore hairdressers and experts provided their specialized advice on what to avoid and any common mistakes that should be avoided when it comes to hair care.

According to what was reported by the British Daily Mail, experts said that some hairstyles, such as a ponytail, can cause hair to tear and fall, and this is especially common now in the gym and fitness, so it is better to tie your hair gently and use softer spiral straps.

While experts warned of the danger of lightening hair at home, they said that hair dyes that women do at home cause an accumulation of color that is not desirable and difficult to get rid of and gives you an unsatisfactory result.

Experts also warned against the hotter hair dryers, because this causes severe damage to the hair and its loss, and may also lead to severe dryness later, and the experts said, instead of using dyes and blow-dryers, it is advised to take care of the hair by using the appropriate shampoo for your hair type and applying natural oils, and they also advised to stay away from Products that contain chemicals or alcohol because they cause dryness and later damage to hair.

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